Healthy Traveling Tips

I love to eat and I love to travel. Doing these two things together can be very challenging – Here are a few tips to make it more doable:

1. Bring some of your own non-perishable foods:

-Bars (Lara Bars are my favorite)

-Nuts & seeds


-Packets of almond butter or peanut butter

I also bring my vitamins everywhere with me. I keep them in a small pill organizer – easy to travel with!

2. Use review sites! This is so helpful to find exactly what you want. Yelp or Trip Advisor can help you find exactly what you need depending on your lifestyle – grass-fed, paleo, vegetarian etc. When traveling, a little planning can go a long way… especially when it comes to eating healthy while traveling. I always make sure to know what’s available to me in the area I will be visiting.

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3. I suggest staying at an AirBnb instead of a hotel. It’s much cheaper and majority of the time you are provided with a fridge and other kitchen appliances. If you want a hotel make sure you do some research before you book it to make sure they have a mini fridge. Once you are settled into your Airbnb or hotel go to the nearest market to grab all the goodies you need.

4. Always bring a cooler! If all else fails at least you have a cooler to hold some of the perishable items you purchased from the local market!

5.  Don’t be sorry. This is a big one for me. Let’s say you are in a situation at a restaurant where nothing on the menu fits with your lifestyle. That’s ok! Here are some ideas on how to approach this:

-Like I mentioned above always use a review site so you know where you’re going has options for you.

-Let your waiter know you are dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian etc. When you do this they almost always give recommendations and let the cook know your sensitivity.

-If you are interested in a dish but it contains meats just ask for double veggies in replacement of the meat. I do this often!

-Order your burger without a bun. Substitute the bun with lettuce and substitute fries with steamed veggies.

I struggled approaching others about my diet (mainly waiters) for a long time. You often feel you are being rude or annoying but truly you’re just caring for yourself. It’s your body! You know what’s best for it. It’s important not to stress too much. Nothing ever goes perfectly so just be aware and prepared – everything else will fall into place.

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