Face Oils – What You Need to Know

This is not an ad – I am not an expert – I am sharing my experience.

Welcome! Here I will go over what facial oils are, my story behind them, and what brand I use.

What are face oils?

When I first heard about face oils, I could care less. I remember thinking “who the hell would put oil on their face?” I was always told growing up to keep oils away from the face…

“oils will clog your pores!”

“oils will make you breakout!”

…so this made absolutely no sense to me.

 First and foremost facial oils are not the same as essential oils. Facial oils are blends of oils that reduce wrinkles, reduce inflammation and irritation, moisturize skin, even complexion, protect your skin, banish acne, and shrink pores. A good face oil will contain Omega-3’s and Omega-6’s that are essential fatty acids. Our body does not make these fatty acids… we get them from what we consume in our diet – which is why it can be so hard to get the skin you desire!

The Cocokind facial oil I use is omega-rich, alcohol-free, preservative-free, chemical-free, GMO-free, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free. Containing clean and simple ingredients such as: virgin chia seed and organic chamomile flowers.

My Story

I decided I wanted to write a post on face oils when I began getting several questions from my followers asking how I got my skin so clear. Immediately, I thought to myself, I really need to share my experience on how facial oils have changed my life. I feel a lot of people aren’t aware of how beneficial facial oils are and I want to help educate individuals on this beautiful, natural remedy.

Growing up I never dealt with acne, blemishes, or breakouts of any sort. I would get a pimple here and there but nothing more (I am very thankful). My junior year of collage, 19 years old, I began breaking out so bad I wouldn’t leave my apartment. Not only was I embarrassed but I also had no idea where to begin with fixing it. So here is where the hunt for the perfect product began. I started ordering cleansers left and right; Clinique, Proactive, Neutrogena etc. any big brand you can think of. Through junior year of college (2015) all the way to when I moved to California (2017) I was trying to find a way to cure my skin – lathering it with product and hoping for the best. I never took into consideration that my diet was horrendous, I wasn’t looking at the chemical-infused ingredients, and on top of that I was coping with serious trauma at the time.

I started using face oils because it was really the only thing left I hadn’t tried. Before using face oils, no matter how clean a brand was I would always feel a residue after using it on my face – as if it was caked on, leaving me to breakout the next day or following week becoming a vicious cycle.

I am 4 months into using the Cocokind face oils and my skin has never looked or felt better. I have no redness, my pores are smaller, and I rarely ever get breakouts. I also use their makeup line – so light and natural, never heavy on the face! I have learned that less is more through my skin process. There is no need to cake on makeup, or strip your skin of its natural oils with products infused with chemicals and alcohol that will only make it worse! Let your skin breathe… let your skin do it’s thing! Not to mention my diet is cleaner and I am much more aware of ingredients now.

My Routine

I use my face oil in the AM and in the PM, often paired with MYMATCHA all over moisture stick spread under my eyes and on my lips. I apply by placing 3 drops on my face: 1 drop on my forehead and one drop on both cheeks. Using my palms I spread the oil upwards towards my hairline. Continue this motion all over your face and neck until all of your skin is covered (avoid eye area). 

The Products I UsE

  1. Cocokind organic chia facial oil
  2. Cocokind MYMATCHA all over moisture stick

I am looking to eventually try new facial oils but for now I am beyond satisfied so I’m sticking with cocokind. I know there are tons of awesome brands out there – just make sure you do your research!

Sending Love,

The Peachy Prodigy