Camper Renovation Steps

Finding the camper. We lucked out here…our neighbor one day decided to sell this Vintage 1976 GO-Tag-a-long Camper. My husband and I jumped on the opportunity as soon as we saw it out on her front lawn – we bought it for the amazing price of $600. SO, I don’t have that much information on where to find a camper for a decent price but I have heard there are several different apps, craigslist is always an option, or I would recommend word of mouth. You’d be surprised how many people know someone selling exactly what you’re looking for!

First step was figuring out what the main issues were with our camper. We had water damage on the ceiling, a few tiny holes throughout the camper that needed to be filled, a new water heater needed to be installed and there was an intense smell of mildew which means MOLD. So I deep cleaned the entire camper and we got to work the next day.