DIY Hacks

  1. Spray paint and cleaner. Because our camper is vintage we decided to save a lot of the original fixtures knowing how hard it can be finding other substitutes – so we’re talking lights, door knobs, locks, hooks and even the heater cover. The only problem was they were very weathered with scratch marks all over. So I deep cleaned first with Bar Keepers Friend and then sprayed everything I wanted matte black outside with Rust-Oleum Universal Matte Black Spray this stuff is amazing! We also had to clean up our bigger appliances like the stove and stove-hood…I was able to get the actual stove looking great but the stove-hood was a different story. So I sprayed it with Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray and it looked good as new!
  2. Screens. Instead of replacing all of your screens in the camper ($$$) try using Magic Mesh or a Repair Patch. Sometimes you just need to cover a few holes and the job is done! You can find these all over.
  3. Take advantage of leftovers. As mentioned before we used a big beautiful slab of butcher block for our counter top. Once we were done measuring and cutting we realized how much we had leftover and wanted to put it to good use. Not only were we able to get a table out of leftover butcher block but also several shelves and the best part is that the entire camper matches perfectly – you would never know it was a random last minute decision!
  4. Speaking of table… we initially were going to invest in a Manual Adjustable Table Base (about $150-$200) so it would could convert the old and much larger table back into a bed. Then we started thinking, now that we’re using a small square of butcher block for the table we really don’t need that much support. So my husband brought home a black threaded pipe from his job site. We screwed this into the floor of the camper with a wall plate and we also attached a wall plate to the table so we can easily detach both the pipe + table and store underneath the seating area when we want to convert it into a bed. We spent $0 dollars here. Clever!
  5. Cushions. Do not hire anyone to do your cushions for you – you can easily do it yourself! Cut plywood the size of whatever cushion you’re upholstering. Place the plywood on the base of the cushion and staple the fabric tight around each side of the cushion to the plywood with a staple gun. This makes it so you don’t have to spend hours sewing + you save on fabric because you now don’t have to cover the entire cushion. I bought my staple gun from Lowes for $32.
  6. Bathroom. Our bathroom desperately needed an upgrade but we were struggling to figure out a way to cover the wallpaper without spending an arm and a leg on something like FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic). I finally came across a waterproof self-adhesive brick wallpaper! It’s 3D which gives it a really fun modern feel and truly looks stunning. You do need 2 people to install it because it’s insanely sticky but It holds up great and only cost us around $50.
  7. Random accent pieces. Re-use items you removed from the camper. For example, there was a bunk bed in our camper that we removed. The metal bars used to hold up that bunk bed no longer had a purpose so we ended up spray painting one of them matte black + bolting it to the outside of our camper to hold a solar lamp. At night we now have a beautiful light at the entrance of our camper!